People often find themselves troubled in their lives and find they have no clear understanding of the source of this trouble. Counselling and Psychotherapy is a way in which your thoughts, feelings, behaviour and circumstances can be explored to help find the source of their discomfort or trouble.

Sometimes just talking to someone can help reveal a path to the source of your troubles, with a qualified therapist you are given space support and reassurance to do this. With counselling and guidance from a qualified counsellor one can find many ways in which to improve one’s quality of life and to stretch the boundaries of your life to encompass not only comfort and ease but also growth and development.

Mary Russell Mary McCarthy Russell, MIAHIP

Mary works with people presenting with anxiety, bereavement, depression, eating disorders, separation and various addictions, in a caring, confidential and supportive environment. She is a Gestalt Psychotherapist and welcomes both individuals of all ages as well as groups.

Contact phone:  087-7697598